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Emporium Barnie offers a wide range of gifts based on variations of Barnie’s unique paw-print design – the result of a very naughty dog walking through wet concrete. A range of products are on offer using designs by Barnie’s Mummy, Dorothy Berry-Lound, based on his paw prints. It includes dog t-shirts, collars, dog bowls, t-shirts for humans, cushions, throws, coasters as well as other items with that unique Barnie touch.



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A range of Barnie Paw Print designs is available on on Pixels.com.


A small selection of designs are also available on RedBubble.

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Feel free to contact us or visit Dorothy Berry-Lound’s Facebook page to provide some feedback on our designs and products, or if you would like a custom design.

Keep up to date with the latest news at https://dorothyberryloundart.com

Read Dorothy’s blog including her animal stories.